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The Real Brian Show | Encouragement, Education, Entertainment - 3 days each week!


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May 22, 2017

In continuing the discussion of mindset and attitude, we're here today encouraging you to choose a positive, healthy approach to your life. The first step to dominating your circumstances is to not let them rule over you, don't let them win!


Dominate... to exercise control over or have a commanding influence. We use the word to describe competitions in which one person or team won decisively over another, in which case it is either positive or negative depending on which side you're rooting for. But the Latin root of dominate, dominus, literally means lord or master, ruler or governor, and as such can be purported in contexts that denote a more master/slave connotation.

Set aside preconceived notions about domination for a moment and think objectively about what the implications are of being dominate over another person, team or nation. To dominate means to command, to run the table. Winning decisively is not the end of the mission, it is only the beginning. Dominating our circumstances requires constant vigilance to attitude and mindset, seeking positivity and contentment as the fuel for healthy living.

Develop a good habit this week! Go for a twenty minute walk everyday; appreciate something new over your morning cup of coffee.