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The Real Brian Show gives you ENCOURAGEMENT, EDUCATION, and ENTERTAINMENT so that you can have a BETTER LIFE and BE BETTER AT YOUR LIFE! I want you to SMILE, LAUGH, LEARN, GROW, BE ENCOURAGED, and HAVE A BETTER DAY! The Real Brian Show has 3 episodes each week: Mondays are the ENCOURAGEMENT days where I give you a short episode full of tips and hacks on how to better your life and be better at it! Wednesdays are the EDUCATION days where I interview successful and incredible people to share what they've done to set themselves apart and succeed in various aspects of life. Fridays are the ENTERTAINMENT days where we do a morning show style format: anything goes - movies, TV, music, food, health, gaming, comedy, etc!
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The Real Brian Show | Encouragement, Education, Entertainment - 3 days each week!


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Jun 5, 2017

Podcasts are a living organism. As we go on this journey, looking to encourage one another and experience life together, changes will occur. Socrates once said  that the secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. The last few months have given us great insight into what works, what doesn't; what is fun, what is status quo; what is entertaining, what is... not. In this update, Brian will share about what we can expect moving forward and all the fun stuff that lies in our future!

The biggest, and bestest, change is that we'll be adding Camron (Nightfox) to our regularly scheduled program. He'll join Brian on Tuesdays and Fridays for a double dose of anything goes.

We're excited for this new path and hope you'll find yourselves as divergent and non-conformist as we are!