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The Real Brian Show gives you ENCOURAGEMENT, EDUCATION, and ENTERTAINMENT so that you can have a BETTER LIFE and BE BETTER AT YOUR LIFE! I want you to SMILE, LAUGH, LEARN, GROW, BE ENCOURAGED, and HAVE A BETTER DAY! The Real Brian Show has 3 episodes each week: Mondays are the ENCOURAGEMENT days where I give you a short episode full of tips and hacks on how to better your life and be better at it! Wednesdays are the EDUCATION days where I interview successful and incredible people to share what they've done to set themselves apart and succeed in various aspects of life. Fridays are the ENTERTAINMENT days where we do a morning show style format: anything goes - movies, TV, music, food, health, gaming, comedy, etc!
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The Real Brian Show | Encouragement, Education, Entertainment - 3 days each week!


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Jun 9, 2017

Happy Superhero Friday! What did you think of the first week in the new format? We'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or connect with us. We're excited to have Camron, the Nightfox, on board with us and proudly present another installment of Anything Goes where our conversation is chock full of all our favorite things. And we'll explain why we're being pollinated by gnats. Maybe.

In This Episode

  • Spring to Summer... brings the GNATS!
  • ... but it also means BIKING!
  • Nice weather brings out the best... people are eating outside, there are outdoor events, open streets.
  • Calvin and Hobbes
  • Take a bath and throw 5-10 tea bags in it
  • Two words: gelato. coffee.
  • TV Shows: Arrested Development
  • Movies: Pirates 5, Wonder Woman
  • Video Games: Alien, Star Trek Bridge Crew (both VR)

In the first grade I went to the nurse and told her I had rat bites. My embarrassed mother had to clarify: no, no... she has gnat bites. Far less severe. As much as I love words now, I wasn't always proficient at wielding them. I couldn't rhyme, I mixed up words and I mixed up sounds within a word (i.e. kitchen = chicken, couch = chouc). My family loves to remind me of this, but it never stopped me from using words or becoming better at using them! Getting teased for something you may already be self-conscious of can be brutal, and it can make it difficult to try and overcome those embarrassments, but if you love it... press on and do what you do!