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The Real Brian Show gives you ENCOURAGEMENT, EDUCATION, and ENTERTAINMENT so that you can have a BETTER LIFE and BE BETTER AT YOUR LIFE! I want you to SMILE, LAUGH, LEARN, GROW, BE ENCOURAGED, and HAVE A BETTER DAY! The Real Brian Show has 3 episodes each week: Mondays are the ENCOURAGEMENT days where I give you a short episode full of tips and hacks on how to better your life and be better at it! Wednesdays are the EDUCATION days where I interview successful and incredible people to share what they've done to set themselves apart and succeed in various aspects of life. Fridays are the ENTERTAINMENT days where we do a morning show style format: anything goes - movies, TV, music, food, health, gaming, comedy, etc!
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May 26, 2017

Happy Superhero Friday! We are thrilled to welcome Kevin Bachelder to the show, a podcaster with whom both Brian and I go way back with (Brian longer than I). We met Kevin during our time at TV Talk, where he and Brian started an Arrow podcast, which they brought over to Golden Spiral Media and added me to the fray. Kevin's adventures in podcasting have led him around the sci-fi/fantasy world, from his long-standing podcast Tuning into Sci Fi to his newer podcast for Wynonna Earp.

In This Episode

  • Origins: Kevin was Brian's first..... podcast co-host
  • Everyone has their strengths
  • The Wynonna Earp fandom is uh-may-zing
  • A little about Kevin's involvement at DragonCon
  • Remember when HR made a raspberry and coriander latte on The Flash?
  • Sci-Fi recommendations: Dark Matter, Killjoys, Midnight Texas, Blood Drive

Tuning into Sci Fi

Every conversation with Kevin really is tuning into sci fi (cue drum beats). In all seriousness, this guy knows his science fiction and fantasy, both TV and film, and is a wealth of knowledge, making him a huge asset in his many circles. From his heavy involvement in DragonCon to his passion for rallying fans around new and exciting television adventures, he has found an amazing niche in the podcasting world.